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“Process Pedagogy” Precis September 2, 2008

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Lad Tobin

Though many would argue that we are living in a postprocess era, the truth is not quite so clear cut.  Process pedagogy has only been around for the last 40 years or so and is still significantly present in classrooms all over America.  Depending on the teacher, some of which would say that they are more into the pre- or postprocess movements, process staples, such as journaling, peer revision and students choosing their own topics, are very prevalent. 

However, more often than not, aspects of all three are blended into a whole.  Nothing seems to be strictly process, where the students dictate everything that they are going to write and the teacher sits back and merely offers suggestions and prunes the hedges every once in a while, as it were, and doesn’t teach much at all.  Instead, many teachers offer constructive lessons on key elements of write, including how to find an idea, several examples of ways to revise and tips on how to escape writer’s block.  The teachers teach, but they also enable, stepping aside a bit to let the students pave their own way, making discoveries and creating meaning in their writing, however personal or political it may be.


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