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“Toward an Excess-ive Theory of Revision” Precis September 9, 2008

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Nancy Welch

Revision can be such a rewarding process.  Unfortunately, some students see it only as  a punishment or a chance to fix up their grammar.  Part of the problem is that teachers are not asking the right questions, such as “What if?” or “How about this?” or “Can you add more to this?”  When all the students see are corrections and rewrites, they are not going to think positively about revision and thus, not be able to take advantage of it to its fullest.  Revision should be taught to students so that they actually understand what it is about.  If students learn to question the completeness of their work and to ask themselves if their text is reaching their audience, then they will be on their way to understanding revision.  Nothing is ever perfect; there is always more that can be done.  And it’s not necessarily something that was missed, uncorrected – but there are more possibilities for the work to be communicated to others, to be turned into new and more fabulous texts.  


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