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Process Pedagogy vs. Expressionist Pedagogy September 16, 2008

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Process pedagogy mainly focuses on how the author creates his or her writing.  It is all about the process taken:  including discovery drafts, multiple subsequent drafts, peer edits and the final unit analysis to take a closer look at how everything came together and what was achieved and/or what failed.  

Expressionist pedagogy is all about finding the author’s true voice.  He/she can discover this chiefly through freewriting, journaling and peer reviews.  Expressionists need not worry so much about audience at first – they are more interested on focusing on what they have to say and how they as a person fit into all of this, and then going back to tailor to a particular audience at a later time.  

Though similar in some ways, such as the enthusiasm for discovery drafts and other freewriting activities, the overall outcome of each pedagogy is different.  Process wants writers to discover how they write and what works for them so that they can accomplish something similarly at a later point.  Expressionist is more situated around discovering a voice and using it to the full advantage, so that you can always have something personal and inherent about yourself to fall back on.


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