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“The Politics of Interface: Power and Its Exercise in Electronic Contact Zones” Precis September 30, 2008

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Cynthia L. Selfe and Richard J. Selfe Jr.

It is interesting to see the boundaries and border lines that are laid out in our own well-meaning, striving-to-be-multicultural-and-accepting classrooms.  The problems of racism and classism lie within our own computers.  The machines that we use to teach students to further themselves present their own set of problems.  For example, Macintosh’s system is set up as a desktop, with all the items as implements you would find in any office building around the United States.  But, this really resembles a white-sensibility, middle class environment.  Another problems is with the languages/discourses of computers.  The default setting is always English and there are very few options to change it to – possibly one Spanish variant and no other English dialects.  This is especially problematic when there is offered a system that works in a different language, but in which the keystrokes correspond with the English words that computers are based off of. 


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