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“Bi, Butch, and Bar Dyke: Pedagogical Performances of Class, Gender, and Sexuality” Precis October 7, 2008

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Michelle Gibson, Martha Marinara, and Deborah Meem

There is a stereotyped way of how the academy looks and works.  The academy is not an end-all, be-all, where “Others” can come, learn from them and then shed whatever causes them to stand out to fit into the mold of the university.  This article is a compilation of narratives:  one of a self-styled bisexual, trying to navigate life on both sides of the superficial lesbian/straight line; a butch, facing life as a very public representation of a lesbian; and a bar dyke, trying to express herself while constantly being told that that person is not what the university is looking for.  

It is important to realize all types in the classroom, representing the “Others,” as well as what is considered the norm.  But we also need to make sure that we are understanding the relationships taking place in the classroom – between the students and between the students and ourselves.  We need to think about how our identities are influencing the students and what that teaches them.  It is an environment for students to learn and to have their staid beliefs and ideas challenged.  


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