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“The Making of Meaning” Precis October 21, 2008

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Ann E. Berthoff

To compose is to create meaning.  Thinking and writing go hand-in-hand.  Students may be surprised to learn that writing shouldn’t be that different from everything else they’ve ever done.  Writing can be as easy as seeing something happen, thinking about how or why it did, deciding why it matters to you and then acting on that.  In any case, you make your own meanings.  We all do.  

Free-writing does not always have to be about mapping out your plan; sometimes it is just about discovering it.  It may be messy or chaotic, but as it swirls and percolates in your mind and on the paper, some meaning is forming.  In a way, all writing is creative.  People write to see their thoughts develop.  We need to realized that our imaginations and thought processes are valuable and just run with them.  If we are constantly locking down – not writing or insisting that we come up with a these sentences first, we may miss out on a lot of really great things.


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