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“Utopic Visions, The Technopoor, and Public Access: Writing Technologies in a Community Literacy Program” Precis October 21, 2008

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Jeffrey T. Grabill

No matter how modern we think our world is, there is still a surprising amount of people that do not have access to a computer and thus do not possess the same computer-related skills.  If someone does not have access to this kind of technology, it is going to be really hard for him/her to be suddenly thrust into a situation where they must use it or learn it.  Organizations like Western District Adult Basic Education offer classes for just these such people.  They can go and get training on computers, enough to be able to join a high-school level computer class.  Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have the money to buy good equipment and people are either learning on something that is so outdated that it is hardly relevant anymore or working on limited machines or not being able to access everything that they need.  With these skills, people can go on to type letters, emails, flyers, resumes – things that most of us take for granted.  We should take a stand to help others learn these computer skills.  With them they can get better jobs and perhaps have a better life.  It’s such a small thing to do, but the public has just as much right to have access to computers like academics.


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