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“Writing Center Pedagogy” Precis October 26, 2008

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Eric H. Hobson

Writing centers have popped up across America and are making the transition from grammar-checking police to services for bettering the writers and not the writing.  

Though these centers were vary from place to place depending on the staff and multiple other factors, most writing centers are trying to help out students, not just by cleaning up their papers, but by working with them across the board.  There is a lot of individual one-on-one work, ranging from someone just randomly stopping in to weekly meetings between tutor and tutee on whatever the tutee may have going on in his/her life right now.  There are sometimes group study sessions, with students able to participate in a smaller-scale discussion.  Some centers look at only paper and ink drafts; others can help students through emails or other electronic communication.

Regardless the set-up, writing centers are focused on helping the student to better their work and creating knowledge of how to proceed with more work.  It’s not just enough for a student to be able to turn in one piece if they can’t imagine how to approach the next. Writing centers are around to help with that – giving advice, teaching skills and “rules,” and lending a helping hand to students without a judgement being passed or a essay being graded.


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  1. Dr. Sanford Aranoff Says:

    Writing is important, as it focuses one’s attention on the basic principles and how to communicate them. We must understand how students think. See “Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better” on amazon.

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