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“NCTE Guideline on Multimodal Literacies” Precis November 3, 2008

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Multimodal literacy should be especially encouraged in the classroom.  Many kids grow up with it – it comes to them like second nature – but there is a select underprivileged group who do not grow up in a very literate culture.  Nevertheless, students should be be able to practice blending text, speech, images, videos and the like to a very real approximation of what they will be doing in the “real world.”  It may seem unlike a traditional classroom, but it applicability of the projects will make the work seem more relevant to the students.  

However, it is important to keep in mind both that not everyone learns at the same pace, nor do they all begin at the same place.  Some students may have easier access to certain computer programs that allow them to combine medias, others have had much previous experience with concepts, either through a job or just from playing around and others will be completely new to the whole idea.  Regardless, the teacher will need to personally learn something to be able to pass on to the students, and then it is possible to let them go and see where it takes them.

Undoubtably, there are obstacles, such as non-tech-savvy teachers (or students), the difficulty in measuring the outcome of students attempts (both in quality and quantity) and the variances in the abilities of the students.  But, given adequate planning time to clearly delineate goals and criteria, educate students on critically looking at media so that they can bring that knowledge to their own work and finding current and necessary projects, students can become more literate about multimodal texts and better able to compete in and consider the world at large.


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