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“Portfolio Standards for English 101” Response November 11, 2008

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Douglas D. Hesse

It was very interesting to be reading about this in our book, since this is exactly the model that we are working from in our own English 101 and 101.10 classes that we teach.  I must say, however, it is much easier to read in our table-like boxes on the rubric in our books than in this linear format!

Anyways, the key is to look at the adjectives.  An “A” portfolio writer is skillful, consistent and effective.  They make decisions that are fresh, show their wide reading, are appropriate and go beyond the obvious.  A “B” portfolio is very similar to the “A,”  but where the “A” writer makes good choices “frequently” and “generally,”  the “B” writer only  makes them “often” and “usually.”  Also, the “B” writer sometimes only “suggests” the actions that the “A” writers achieve. 

The “C” portfolios are more average – the assignments are perform “competently.”  Writers of “D” and “F” portfolios have an “inability” to perform the assignments give to them, with the “F” writers achieving much less than the “D.”  And, if a portfolio is incomplete, missing any part, it may only be given a “D” or “F.”  

It is a very understandable process and over the semester I have been grading quite a few projects whose grading standards are very similar to these.  It will be interesting to see what the students come up with when they turn everything in at the end, especially if they have been looking at how we have been grading them.


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