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“Techno-Pedagogical Explorations: Toward Sustainable Technology-Rich Instruction” Precis November 11, 2008

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Dickie Selfe

Use technology in your class, by all means, but remember to think of it as an exploration with your students.  You don’t know everything about the intricacies of the web and it’s communications and neither do you students, but if you take a look at it together, it can be a wonderful learning experience.  

There are many different ways that you could approach using technology in your classes.  One option has been around for quite awhile – email.  If you set up an email listserv for your class(es), they can use it as a tool for discussion outside of class, with or without your participation.  You could also use chat rooms (as long as you know how they work) to allow students to chat about a movie or something of the sort while they are actually watching it.  This is an especially interesting project, because many students are very comfortable with this – since it is something they do already with text-messaging.  Or maybe you might publish student work online, using Blackboard or WebCT.  This was a limited amount of people would be able to see the students’ work, but they would gain valuable insight from outsiders.  

Just be sure that with any technology-rich project you bring into the class, you take time to work through the PAR process:  preparation, activity and discussion.  This should help you assess what you are doing, how you are doing it and if there is a better way to try for the future.  And make sure you back up everything!


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