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“WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition” Precis November 11, 2008

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wpa-wpaCouncil of Writing Program Administrators (WPA)

This statement is put out to help writing teachers and programs know what students nation-wide should be learning in their first-year composition classes.  The students are learning to write and this should be taken very seriously.   These main points should be considered as a regulation.  Of course, standards and the specific ways in which these ideas are taught will be left up to the university. 




Students need to display:

  • Rhetorical Knowledge
  • Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
  • Processes
  • Knowledge of Conventions
  • and Composition in Electronic Environments

Students should understand what all of these things entail and be building on them throughout the semester.  More specifically, they are to be working on skills such as:  writing to different audiences, genres and forums; understanding how their work interacts with research, as well as the comments on their peers and teachers; working through drafts and revisions, knowing that the first product may not always be the best; making their papers suit the style and format that they are assigned to be; and being able to use a computer to research and compose an essay or other text.  In all of these steps, the help of the composition teacher, as well as other instructors in the individual’s field of study, is instrumental.  


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