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Philosophy November 19, 2008


My teaching philosophy after having complete my first semester of graduate school at Illinois State University. I will be teaching ENG 101.10 – First-Year Composition in the spring semester. 

References in video to: ENG 402: Teaching Composition with Dr. Cheryl Ball; Nancy Sommers’ “Responding to Student Writing”; Peter Elbow’s “Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Sorting Out Three Forms of Judgment”; and another video I made for class, found at…


2 Responses to “Philosophy”

  1. erickawills Says:

    I love the different settings that give a visual cue to what you are talking about…talking about multimodal composition when you are in the computer lab…discussing responding to student writing when you are at your computer…

    Next time try using costumes, too!

  2. rjehmke Says:

    so i figure since i was sitting on a chair instead of a couch and talked for around seven instead of five minutes, there is no way your final comment has any correlation to my video.

    about your comment on my video, i think you can evaluate reading through class discussion and mini-presentations. sort of how our 402 class rolled. if that grading modus operandi seems a not-too scientific/objective way to do things, i would argue that grading papers is a not to scientific/objective way of evaluating as well; somehow though the written stuff manages to pass for objectivity if you make a big enough grid and create enough categories for points.

    anyway, nice job on the vid. your production value still makes my video pale in comparison.

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