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Textbook November 19, 2008


picturing-texts-coverPicturing Texts


Authors:  Lester Faigley, Diana George, Anna Palchik, Cynthia Selfe 

Amazon Price:  $54.67  (Additional Instructor’s Guide – $7.95 – by Cheryl Ball)

Pedagogies Covered:  Cultural Studies and Multimodal

From the Preface:  “Picturing Texts is written for students living and communicating in a world very different from that of their parents and grandparents – and, dare we say, of many of their teachers.  Ours is truly an information-saturated society, and much of the information we encounter daily is visual:  billboards, ads, signs, Web pages, television, film, four-color newspapers.

“Expectations about what it means to be literate have changed.  Students today must be able to read and compose not only conventional print essays but also texts that combine words with images and other graphics.  These texts are often highly visual in nature.”


A lovely book – very eye-catching with its use of images, color, etc.  To read my take, check out this little document that I was having fun with.



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