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Video November 19, 2008

From Lewis to Bradbury:  With Composition Between



Professor Janice Witherspoon Neuleib, of Illinois State University, participates in this version of Todd Taylor’s Take 20 DVD project, with a slight twist – one of the questions is created by me. All the questions (and so, the answers) revolve around composition and the teaching of writing. Special thanks to Dr. Neuleib for participating and Tom Haring for the lovely music!


8 Responses to “Video”

  1. rjehmke Says:

    nice video. the intro looked like some serious production quality. you must have one of those trendy macintosh computers. the Ken Burns style music was also a nice touch. the only thing I have by way of criticism, is that your intro screen has “Todd Taylor’s Top 20 DVD project” and unless I am mistaken, I think it should be “Take 20.” If Todd Taylor has swapped places with Ryan Seacrest and is now in charge of some kind of top twenty countdown that i don’t know about, then i apologize for my critique.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Nice Danielle! I like Dr. Neuleib’s map idea. That could be a lot of fun to do in class.

  3. jasondr Says:

    I love the background — it looks like you put Jan in front of some fancy green screen for added effect. But, she explains process and product well, and you captured her energy about writing really well. Great video!

  4. Gretchen Says:

    I love her idea of responding to student writing with a means of respect–I think it’s worth our time to really remember that this process is hard for them and we, as their instructors, need to really applaud their effort as well as respond on an intellectual level. Great work!

  5. stevehalle77 Says:

    At first, I found myself awed by the window. That windows like that with semi-interesting views exist blew my mind. Your production is well-done and pretty seamless. The background music is an interesting touch and adds a comfortable, if slightly funereal, feeling.

    I agree with Gretchen that honoring the student text as text is important, and it gladdens me that Dr. Neuleib placed that notion of honor in the context of the (poetry) writing group/community.

  6. erickawills Says:

    I really like the way the questions appear on the screen – nice style!

    Now a bit of nostalgia…Jan’s replies makes me wonder what the writing program was like when she was director. I have heard good things!

  7. Melody Aronson Says:

    Wow! Dr. Neuleib explains process versus product so clearly. I’m envious!

    The music is awesome– very soothing, and not at all distracting.

    Great job Danielle!

  8. srsands Says:

    I love the format of this video, and the comic-book style call-out boxes on your page! (If you edited this thing using iMovie, you’ve persuaded me to consider a Mac…)

    I love that Dr. Neuleib brings poetry into the equation–one of the criticisms my students have just bashed me with over and over again is that I’m making them do “creative writing” things, which I love (that they bash me for it, that is). (Never mind that writing e-mails and letters are the kinds of things I’m asking them to do.)

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